About Me

Learn more about my approach to nature photography.

About Me

Learn more about my approach to nature photography.

Hi, I am Florian.

About my Creative Vision
I am fascinated by all kinds of nature and landscape photography. For me personally, photographing the outdoors is adventure and my way to relax the mind. I use this website as my creative playground and to showcase some of my photographs.
My interest  in photography started about ten years ago when I had stumbled across some fine art landscape images on the internet for the first time. I had then bought my first ever camera and started in my neighborhood working on the basic crafts of photography.
It took another five years until I had really get started after visiting Iceland with my wife. I had come home with a lot of images - a lot of images which were just not right and not as expressive as those images I had seen and admired before. I had then begin to deal with concepts of composition and importance of light.
Today I am using more advanced techniques and equipment on location and in the digital darkroom, but there is always something new to learn and explore within the art of photography. My passion for photography is growing constantly and I am doing my best to improve my photographic skills with any given opportunity.
I have experienced that being at the right place at the right time while having desirable conditions requires a lot of preparation, patience and always a good portion of luck. Capturing an interesting mood or moment is a big challenge and part of the adventure exploring the outdoors. Although I don't come home with a special picture frequently I enjoy the time spent outdoors.
While I had started with photographing the big classic vistas, I am more interested in intimate and abstract landscape scenes created by contrast, colors and textures today. Creating an appealing and strong image using these elements demands more effort, creativity and time for scouting than photographing the obvious and most popular scenes. Growing as an 'artist' in this sense is the biggest challenge of my photographic journey ahead...
Thank you for stopping by!

Sunrise in the Dolomites, Italy.

D500 - Sunrise near Berchtesgaden, Germany.

About Processing
Post-processing is part of my workflow. All images taken as digital negatives (RAW) require processing on the computer at some degree. The challenge is to obtain a natural and well balanced look by applying subtle and selective changes to different parts of an image. However, I like to work on different styles with new techniques learned. I frequently reprocess my favorite images to progressively refine my artistic vision. I don't care much about the discussion for or against processing since it is part of my creative process.
About Gear
I am not investing a lot of time dealing with photography technology since I am simply not interested in the technical details and the useless discussions around it. Instead I prefer to invest my time available in learning about composition and light as well as looking for new photo locations.
My camera of choice is a Nikon APS-C format DSLR with a superb quality sensor. In order to work on intimate landscape scenes I like to use a 70-200mm tele photo lens which offers a focused perspective and new creative possibilities. Besides zoom lenses you will usually find a tripod, a polarizing filter, a neutral density filter included in my backpack. Meanwhile I am also using a Nikon full-frame format mirrorless camera.
There are many good camera bodies available, no matter what system, format or brand you may choose. Today the camera brand and body won't do much of a difference in terms of image quality. Instead I suggest to invest your budget in good glas and in a solid and lightweight tripod. You will need a camera setup fitting your personal needs and style of photography. This might take some time of practicing to figure out for yourself. Right now the industry pushes on mirrorless systems. If you have not chosen your system already that might be worth checking out. Although I am using a mirrorless camera by now I still like the ergonomics and robustness of my DSLR making it very comfortable for me to use no matter the conditions. But in the end, expensive gear won't help to evolve your photography whatsoever...

Z6 - Lakeside sunrise, Sweden.

About finding Inspiration
My photography is inspired and influenced by landscape photographers from around the world who are famous on social media and photography communities these days.
Besides hiking, taking photographs and editing images I also like watching other people go hiking, taking photographs and editing images (if that makes sense at all). If you are interested in landscape photography and you are looking for inspiration, I would recommend to check out the following YouTube channels:
Simon Baxter​​​​​​​

You got questions or feedback?
I am happy about any helpful criticism and comments concerning my photographs. If you have anything on your mind, please feel free to drop me a line at hello@flohagemann.com.
Or visit my Instagram profile @fhphgy and leave a message.

Z6 - Teutoburg Forest, Germany.

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